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> “I know it’s not the right time to be looking for a job.”

I find one thing that helps me is to think of it not necessarily as "looking for a job," but seeing what's out there.

For some reason, if I think to myself "I'm looking for a job," it just feels like I'm under pressure to land something within a certain period of time. And it carries with it a sort of implication that I'm unhappy with my current job. Neither of which are necessarily true.

If I just think to myself, "I'm just seeing what's out there," my perspective changes. I'm more relaxed, and open to applying, talking to recruiters, etc. Because I don't feel any pressure in landing a job (I'm just looking).

As a side note, that cappuccino bear just put a smile on face. Thanks for that, Jen!

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Like that reframe Alvin! Thanks for adding to the conversation

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