You hit it right on the head. It feels safe to have the description, but it’s not always indicative of what the job will be like.

It’s about 30% no description to 70% description. I do end up working with managers on the description to get to the meat of what they really want.

Will have to give that other belay a try next time. I can see feeling more comfortable if a person was handling the rope. 😂

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Feb 21, 2023Liked by Jennifer Widerberg

Am intrigued by the approach taken to find candidates for a role that doesn't have a description. In some ways, feels far more useful and insightful that seeing the cookie-cutter job descriptions which looks substantive but are, effectively meaningless.

Out of interest, what % of roles you fill are like this versus the % of roles that have a JD?

As for rock climbing, it's more "fun" when it's someone who is belaying you. Especially if they are lighter than you are aren't anchored in ... like my wife. 😆

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