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> The work is the same but it feels purposeful.

It's interesting to think about. I feel like we're often sold on this idea of finding the perfect "work." But even in my experience, it's almost never about the work, itself. Personally, the people I work with have a lot of impact on how I feel at work. Same work, but different vibes with different people.


Face Gym sounds amazing. Now that I know I won't have to hang weights from my chin, I might give it a try!

And all the best with the Tokyo marathon, Jen. Have a good run... is that the right expression? 🤔 😅

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“When you feel overworked, it wears you down. Then you stop showing up for people in your life.”

So true and not just for the seemingly “get-no-thanks” roles. Can even happen in a role you’re enjoying but you get overloaded.

And it’s got to be NYC for something like a “face gym”. 😂

Hope you got the time you were looking for on Sunday.

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